Big Bluefish and a Few False Albacore

Fished with Brandon and Brian both locals and experienced fisherman. We fished spinning and fly rod and the guys caught loads of Big Bluefish mostly on the ebb tide. Found gator size bluefish under birds and were able to stay with them for maybe 2-3 hours. While chasing the birds and Bluefish we came across some big schools of Albies. We chased the Albies on the ebb and only hooked one which we lost before getting to the boat…but the Albies were there and feeding heavily. Slack tide didn’t produce much but we did get a smorgasbord of different fish with no end to giant porgies, seabass (shorts), blackfish (not in season) and sea robins. Thankfully the ground-fishing didn’t last long and we were on the hunt again for Albies on the tide change. We were able to find school of False Albacore near Race Rock but a comedy of errors messed up our chances. These fish can be finicky anyway and sometimes even tougher on a fly rod. End of day though lots of fish and lots of fun with Brandon and Brian…but no Albies to the boat. Brian and Brandon are too experienced for their albie luck to last. We’ll get em next year for sure. Water temp on the reefs 68 degrees, light wind, mid 70’s. Ebb tide produced better than flood. Spinning and fly rod 12 lb leaders on the fly…15 lb on the spinners. Albies and Bluefish were feeding on bay anchovies.

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