JAWS !!!!

Fished with Santhosh, his son and sons friend yesterday. They made the run down from Boston for some fall fishing. Started the morning out with Albies busting everywhere near Black Point and Hatchetts reef. Those fish kept going until slack tide around noon. From there we headed to the reefs and caught maybe 15 Giant Bluefish along with a nice Striper and a big SeaBass. While on the reefs we were shocked by a huge shark blasting one of our lbluefish completely out of the water before swallowing the 15lb bluefish. We chased the hooked shark for maybe 30 seconds before it broke us off. What a thrill it was to see the food chain in action. Everyone was worn out on the Giant Bluefish and the tide had changed so from there we were back to Black Point for our False Albacore again. Didn’t take us long after our return to hook up again. Anyway…beautiful fall day in the mid 70’s. Water temp 68 degrees with a slight edge to fishing on the ebb vs flood tide. We were blessed with plenty of fish to keep this crew of experienced fishermen happy all day. Hope to fish this crew again next year.

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