False Albacore Heaven

Fished with regular client and pal Tyler yesterday. Tyler is an excellent fisherman and really knows his way around a rod and reel. Weather was sunny but crazy windy. Water temp was 70 degrees. We had planned on going to Montauk but couldn’t get there with the wind. That ended up be a good thing as we ran into loads of False Albacore. These fish were all on the reefs and there were mountains of them. Stayed on these fish all day. End of day Tyler caught 23 Albies. I’m guessing that’s a record for my boat, in CT anyway. These fish were crazy aggressive. As soon as the jig hit the water they were on it fast. We talked all day that had I been fishing too (instead of staying on the schools of fish) we would have caught twice his 23. Anyway, what a day and so happy I could enjoy it with Tyler. We’ll get em again this year too. All fish caught on light spinning gear, 15 lb test floor leaders with a fast retrieve.

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