Albies are Back Again

Fished with Kelly, Mike and Kelly’s dad, Tim, today. Weather was nice and finally had no wind to speak of. Left the dock and almost immediately found Albies right near the Thames River mouth. There weren’t a ton of fish but we chased them for a half hour or so before heading to the reefs. Went to my spot and blasted maybe a dozen giant size bluefish…enough that after maybe 2 hours the gang was wearing out. These big beasts can really fight and almost every fish they hooked came all the way into the boat. From there we headed west towards Plum Island and found boat loads of false albacore chasing big bait balls. It was full on fall mayhem for an hour or so…..while on those fish Mike caught his first false albacore. Headed from there all the way to Watch Hill and didn’t find any false albacore but found acres of mackerel on top that were being chased by giant bluefish. We caught several mackerel and one of the bluefish that was menacing the mackerel. Fishing was not great today but we managed to stay on fish most of the day. Had to run maybe 60 miles to stay on fish but the running was worth it. This is Kelly and Mike’s second time out with me and both are becoming really good fisher-people. Tim is an experienced fisherman and caught his fair share today. All the fish were caught on Diamond jigs with 15lb test on spinners and 20lb on baitcasters. Fish were caught on both tides with an edge to the ebb tide. Water temp averaged 70 degrees. Looking forward to fishing this crew again next year as we always have a ball together. Next time I see Mike and Kelly they’ll be married as they have a date set for next May 🎣🎣

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