Lots of Bluefish !!!!

Fished with Jennifer and Zach from CT by way of Buffalo and North Carolina. Both were experienced fisher-people. We were originally after False Albacore but we didn’t find the speedsters in any of the spot they normally hang out. Decided to fish for giant Bluefish and probably got a dozen to the boat. As luck would have it the end of the trip we finally found some fish under birds on top. They caught maybe a dozen more Bluefish on light tackle with 1 Oz chrome jigs on 15 lb leaders. Besides all the bluefish the duo also caught maybe 10 nice Black Seabass. Fishing has been way off the last couple trips so I’m happy to see it picking up if just a bit. The Albies that showed up back on Sept 2nd are gone. I haven’t hooked one in over a week. Hoping they show again soon. Notice Zach with the 1/2 Sea Bass head in the picture. The rest of the Seabass was eaten by a Giant Bluefish at the surface when it was almost to the boat.

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