BIG BLUEFISH 🎣 and an Albie!!!

Fished with a very experienced fisherman (and regular client), Billy, and his long time pal Max. Max hadn’t done much fishing but we fixed that in just a few short hours. Went to my favorite spot for HUGE Bluefish and were immediately rewarded with the big gators. Max hooked up almost immediately and Billy wasn’t far behind. Not an exaggeration to say we caught one HUGE BLUEFISH after another until all three of us were worn out. From there we went on the hunt towards Watch Hill for Albies. We only had a half day so couldn’t run too far but Max was able to get his first Albie…bummer that we lost it at the boat so we weren’t able to get the picture. The False Albacore that showed up on 9/2 disappeared with all the rain, hurricane and dirty water but are just starting to show up again. Anyway…we were too short on time but were long on the fishing anyway. All the fish were caught on 15 or 20 lbs fluorocarbon leader with light tackle and chrome jigs. I usually stick to 15lb leaders but when the big gator Bluefish are there I step it up to 20lb. Had a ball with these two. Can’t wait to do it again, considering the day I expected experienced Billy to pound the fish but especially love it when a new fisherman gets into some great fish.

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