Wifey Wanted to Fish

So I took Monday off to take the love of my life (my wife Cynthia) fishing. The last time I took her fishing was 33 years ago. Had a late start and finally arrived at the dock around noon. Weather was sunny and hot but a little windy. I loaded the gear on the boat and off we went. Didn’t leave the river before she was complaining how bumpy it was. Not an exaggeration to say we never got more than a 1/2 mile from the marina. Anyway, had to find fish so I made do with the limitations she put on the trip. Success even with the restrictions. 3 Black Sea Bass the biggest maybe 9” and 2 Sea Robins. Once they were caught she was ready to head back to the dock. Took a quick tour of the Coast Guards ‘Eagle’ and our fishing date was over…about an hour total. Have to say we had fun and some good laughs. Embarrassing as her catch was here are the pics. Hope I’m around in 33 years to take her on a fishing date again.

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