Bucket Full of Fish

Fished a realty nice group of guys from multiple points around the country. 11 year old Adam, the grandson, is from San Francisco, Sam the uncle is from Down East Maine and Stewart the host and grandfather is from Santa Fe, NM. We fished a 3/4 day and to be sure the fishing was not as good as it has been but we still did our best to get some fish. 5 minutes after leaving the dock we came on a floating bucket and not wanting to leave it in the water we stopped to bring it in the boat. Later I found out this group wanted some fish for a couple dozen people at a family reunion they were having. Consequently the drifting bucket came in handy. We were able to catch a couple of 8-10 lb Bluefish as the day progressed but nothing like how the recent Bluefish bite has been. Big fish of the day was a 12 plus pound Bluefish that young Adam caught….that big fish shook loose at the boat (my bad) so no picture unfortunately. Besides the Bluefish we did get 30 giant porgies and a few Mackerel for their grill. End of the day a good time was had by all. Separately a good pal of mine caught Bonito at Watch Hill this week. I don’t recall Bonito ever getting here this early. Typically Bonito arrive in our waters in mid to late August. This summer’s fishing has been really spectacular and I expect this group just happened into an off day. Anyway looking forward to fishing these boys again next year. Adam is learning to commandeer the boat so perhaps, next year, he can do all the driving.

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