“Lots” of Bluefish & a Striper

Fished with three great guys yesterday. These three call CT home during the week and Nevada to NJ home on weekends. All are in town for a long term multi year construction project. All three experienced fishermen. We only had a short 4 hour window and the first hour was actually pretty slow. That all changed hours 2-3 & 4. We headed west and got into thousands of birds on a rip. For three hours it was more like catching than fishing. Fished 5” paddle tail soft baits and 1 ox chrome jigs and caught Bluefish one after the other until dark. Most of the Bluefish in the 5-8 lb range and one gator in the 15lb range. All the fish were caught on top with light tackle, 14 lb leaders and fast retrieves. All these fish were caught on the flood tide. Looking forward to fishing this gang again.

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