Fished a full day with regular customer Kevin and his 2 pals from the Poconos. All 3 of these guys were experienced fishermen. Weather was great and fish were everywhere. Ebb tide or flood didn’t seem to matter as long as it was moving. We fished both fly rod and spinning on this day. Several of the bluefish the guys caught were really big. In the last 2 weeks we’ve had lots of fish in the teens and one over 20lbs. Those are big fish on light tackle with 14lb test. All the Bluefish ate 1 Oz chrome or 5” paddle-tail soft plastics with an edge to the paddle tails. I’d guess the three guys caught over 100 fish….including lots of different species. Also had sea bass taking topwater offerings in a rip east of Little Gull. I’ve only seen that one other time. Odd that we had such an off year for Bluefish last year and this year seems like there are Bluefish everywhere and in every size combination. Love seeing these fish in healthy numbers.

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  1. Pete, I think we were fishing the same area in the fog Saturday morning. All the best. Pete

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