Lots of Birds but More Fish

Fished a really nice local couple, Kelly & Mike, yesterday. Both experienced freshwater fishermen but neither had a ton of saltwater experience. We only had a half day and we fished under birds the entire 4 hours. We went to our first reef at the beginning of the flood tide and found birds on fish immediately. Passed out the rods with Mike in the bow and Kelly in the stern with me. Back of my mind I figured I’d cast for her and she could reel to catch fish. Well …..BIG mistake on my part….this girl can really handle a spinning rod! Anyway….we all had a ball with no end to the bluefish they caught. They were looking to go to a cookout the same afternoon so we needed some small Bluefish for them to take to the party. We actually had trouble catching 3-4 ‘small’ bluefish as most were pretty big fish. End of the 1/2 day maybe 25-30 nice fish and a really good time had by all. Looking forward to fishing this nice couple again soon.

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