It’s on Like Donkey Kong!!!!!

Fished 3/4 day with a long time customer Tyler and his pals Steve and Evan from Westbrook, CT. Tyler is a very experienced fisherman and Evan and Steve are accomplished anglers as well. The guys wanted to catch a variety of fish so off we went. Slack tide we blasted some big Black Sea Bass and when the tide got going there was no end to the Stripers and Bluefish the guys caught. Throughout the day all three were hooked up at once many times. End of day count …..approx 75 bluefish, 5 Stripers, 6 Black Sea Bass, 5 Blackfish, dozens of big scup. Can’t wait to fish these boys again. Steve and Evan have yet to catch a False Albacore so Tyler and I will be sure the brothers catch Albie fever this fall. Pretty much all the area rips from Watch Hill to Plum Gut are holding tons of fish. Just have to know what tide they are there and what stage of the tide the fish will be eating. Bluefish haven’t been around so much the last couple years but this year they seem to be back with a vengeance. Fishing is awesome in the eastern sound right now so get out there and enjoy.

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