3 Generations of Fishermen

Fished with Scott, Dave and their sons/grandsons today. We found fish on birds at Plum Gut but had to maneuver through 50 boats there to catch them. Decided to find some fish on our own and luckily we were able to do just that. Found a pile of Stripers to 27” and medium size Bluefish on sand eels at another rip that we had mostly to ourselves. Fished there most of the day. Fish were fussy and only wanted swim baits but we were able to figure that out in short order. Everyone caught fish including both the boys ….and they were able to catch and release fish that they caught on their own. These two young men were really good sports and became pretty good fishermen for only fishing for 4 hours. Scott and Dave were experienced fishermen and caught their fair share of fish too. All In all great weather, really nice kids & plenty of fish to chase. Water temp still a little cool for this time of year at 64 degrees. The ebb has pretty dirty water left over from the recent tropical storm. All that said by the end of the morning…. a good time was had by all. Looking forward to seeing this 3 generation gang again.

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