Cooler was Full…Need a Bucket!!!

Fished three really nice young guys from Providence, RI today. They are all cooks and wanted fish to eat so off we went. Trip was just a half day but we ended up with a cooler full of Scuo, Black Seabass and Bluefish. Had to give the guys a bucket to get the fish home as their cooler wouldn’t hold them all. That bucket and 5 or 6 bags of ice did the trick though. So we got back and one of the guys hadn’t caught a bigger Bluefish, Striper or Black Seabass. Wouldn’t you know a bunch of Stripers showed up while I was cleaning fish. So he ended up hooking one if the Striper at the dock. That Striper went back swimming by the way….but was cool to watch a bunch of nice size Stripers eating fish guts at the dock. Anyway, really nice young guys. Looking forward to fishing them again.

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