Fly Rod or Bust

Fished with one of my best fly rod guys today….Todd. He can really handle a 9wt….one of the top 2 or three casters I fish. Todd’s a purist and only want to use the fly rod. At slack tide we fished the rocks behind Fishers Island and found several Stripers willing to eat the fly while we waited for the tide to turn. One of his fish was a pretty nice fish for mid-day in the rocks and all the fish ate a deceiver in white/pink or all white. Once the tide started to flood we were off to one of my rips and were able to catch 5-8 lb Bluefish pretty much at will. Hundred of bird on the fish. Rain coincided with hour eight so off we went with plenty of good stories to tell for next time. Bye the way…during slack tide I was dropping a 1 once Diamond jig on the bottom in 10 ft of water and hooked a big (I mean jumbo) blackfish. Clearly the biggest Blackfish I’ve ever had in the boat. She went back in and is still swimming. Fishing is really GOOD right now. Especially on the flood tide.

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