Fished with Scott from Boston area and his son Tom who recently moved to NYC. What a day we had. We found enough False Albacore that we were finally able to really fish for them all day. Found either Albies, Bluefish or Stripers everywhere we fished. And we found lots of fish. BTW the Albies this year seem a little bigger than past years. Anyway, besides the Albacore that Scott and Tom both caught, they also caught a half dozen big Mackerel, maybe 30 bluefish including 2 over 15lb…(these 2 bluefish were official gators) and big Striper on super light tackle. Because of his late evening Striper Tom caught the years first grand slam. Wow!!….what a day!! And for me I’m SO happy the Albies are here in big numbers. Looking forward to fishing this father son team again.

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