Albies finally here!

So fished three full days Saturday, Sunday and Monday. All three trips had excellent anglers and all had Albie Fever. The Albies haven’t shown yet this year (which is late for them) until today! Didn’t find a lot of fish but they are definitely back. Blasting around the reefs and flying through the air chasing baits. Gets my blood boiling to finally have them back. Anyway, even without the Albies we’ve been hammering big gator Bluefish and also some big Stripers on both fly and spinning gear. Actually becoming ‘regular’ to get 50 plus fish a trip. On today’s trip had an 11 year old from West Hartford that could really fish. He can cast a mile and can do it accurately. Highlight of his day was a Bluefish over 15 lbs to go with maybe 20 others and a couple nice Stripers. His dad caught about the same. Besides Bluefish and Stripers we’ve also been getting an easy limit of Black Sea Bass while we wait for tide changes. Fishing is a good as it gets minus Mr. Hard Tail and all we need now is for the Albies to finally fill in. My guess is a couple more days and the Fat Alberts will be here in full force.

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