Fly Rod Heaven

Fished with experienced fisherman Ethan from Ridgefield CT. Fished both fly rod and spinning rod depending on the wind. Early Saturday was windy but it subsided in the afternoon. We hunted all the Eastern Sound for the whole day and never found the Albies. We did however catch 40 big bluefish to make a nice day out of our Albie hunt. Sunday was a blow out but I tried to fish a really nice couple guys from Danbury. Ended up on a 2 hours boat ride in 30 MPH wind….we gave up and will fish another day. Anyway, back to Ethan’s trip. …Bluefish were plentiful and ate everything we put in front of them. They were on small bay anchovies so I used my own small fly version that I tie for Albies, Bluefish and Stripers when they get zeroed in on really small baits. I’ll add a picture of the fly so you’ll see what works when the fish get picky on super smalls. Lots of fish when the weather cooperated and Mr. Albie is getting late to the party. Pretty shocking they aren’t here just yet. East of Watch Hill beaches have them so they should be here any day.

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