Another Fantastic Day!

Fished with Tyler and Paul, both excellent fishermen from CT. Started on the end of the flood tide looking for Albies or Bonito along the CT Shore. We searched from the Thames up to Millstone. Found a few Bonito at Millstone but never caught one. It’s was windy so we put-putted across the sound to the various reefs between Orient Point and Race Rock. Found birds and fish at every spot we tried on the ebb tide. The wind subsided and we blasted fish for the entire day. Nearly every fish Caught was a double. We had fish so thick that you couldn’t cast and reel without catching and if the fish spit the jig another would get caught on the same retrieve. Really an incredible day. So much life in the sound! Bait everywhere….. from tiny 1” bay anchovies to foot long bunker …we ran over bait all day long. We were all beat at the end of the day with really countless fish caught. Can’t wait to get this duo on Albies in the near future. All fish were caught casting under birds…on light spinning tackle with 15lb fluorocarbon leaders and 1oz jigs.

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