Another Great Day….Fly and Spinning.

Fished brothers Arik and Aaron today along with 8 year old Austin. The brothers were good on the Fly rod and young Austin was the days winner landing 33 bluefish and a nice Striper on the spinning rod. We had Stripers and Bluefish on both tides and really pounded the fish on the afternoon and evening ebb tide. Had several thrillS today. One was acres of bunker with a thresher shark under then. We had him on twice but never did really get him hooked. Caught dozens and dozens of big Bluefish on the spinning gear and several on the fly rod. Fish weren’t picky today as they ate most everything we threw at them. Had one Bonito hooked but lost him at the boat. Also saw a small pod of Albies ….the first of the year. Fishing really doesn’t get much better and I’m certain the Albies are just around the corner. Fishing still better on the ebb but found fish on high tides. Water temp was down the 69 -?0 degrees. Fall fishing is here any moment. Lots and lots of bay anchovies and acres of bunker. What a day. Can’t wait to fish this crew again.

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