2 Half Days. Both very different !

So fished a really good fly fisherman from CT today. We really had to work to find fish but sooner or later we did. Were able to land two monster bluefish on the fly rod. This fellow is really good with the fly rod and if we could have found fish he would have caught a bunch for sure. He and I will blast the Albies in another month. The afternoon trip was with a father/daughter team from Chicago. The ebb tide was WAY better fishing.  The dad was an experienced fisherman but the college age daughter not so much. But Mick (the daughter) caught on quickly and caught maybe 20 nice bluefish. Besides all the ground fish together they caught maybe 50 nice bluefish and 2 mackerel. This trip there were fish everywhere. They caught Mackerel, bluefish, scup, Black Sea Bass….and some of the bluefish were monsters. What a difference a tide makes. May fish tomorrow but, if I do, I’ll only fish the afternoon ebb tide.  Albies here soon. Bonito showings themselves occasionally but haven’t hooked up as of them yet.


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