Fly Rod Exclusive

I’m behind in fishing reports so here’s from Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The storm that was offshore made a mess of things last week and we weren’t able to fish at all. So first time out after the storm was with a wonderful couple from North Carolina. Janet and George are exclusively fly rod people so a spinning rod is way off limits for them.  We predicted trouble on Saturday as it was still blowing hard from the north and we were very limited where we could fish. Wouldn’t you know through we found fish in all the right places. Both days we stayed close to home and found plenty of nice Stripers. The Thames River and all the CT shores close home port were loaded with willing fish.  Both days we weren’t long between getting in to and catching some really nice fly rod fish. All were caught on my G Loomis 9 weights, Abel reels, Orvis hydros depthcharge line, 12-15 lb leaders and #4  Clousers  in pink and chartreuse.  So even with the restrictive weather we were able to have a really fun and memorable 2 day.  Forgot to mention that George and Janet are on a quest to fly fish in all 50 states. Lucky enough we knocked of RI, CT and NY in the two day affair. Really looking forward to this twosome coming back soon.

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