Lots of False Albacore!!!!!!

Fished with CT locals Bill,  his 15 year old son Luke along with his pal Alex today.  We left the dock at 8 and decided to head to Montauk to chase Albies. I was a little concerned to take the boys ‘combat’ fishing since they didn’t have a lot of experience. As it turned out that didn’t matter though.   Not long after we arrived at Montauk Alex hooked a really nice Striper in the 20lb class. Everyone caught SeaBass and Bluefish and then our hard-tail/Mr. Albie friends showed up in a big way.  Luke caught the first False Albacore and then it was ‘game on’…..we even had a double.  I was concerned about heading back with the wind building so we left the Albies jumping and headed back to the CT side a little early.  Took maybe an hour to get back on our side of the Sound and the boys were soaked when we arrived.  They got over their wetness though when we headed to the eastern rip’s where Luke caught a jumbo Bluefish.  From there they all caught any number of a Bluefish and then Mr. Albie  showed up again.  That last Albie wore Alex out so Bill finished him off for Alex.  Anyway, really nice day, really nice family and pal and a good time was had by all.   We’ll blast them again with this crew again next year.

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