Fly Rod Fever!

Fished with father, Bobby, and son , Robert all day Sunday. Dad is a good fly fisherman and son can really handle a spinning rod.  We were on the hunt for Bonita and Stripers.   Started at Watch Hill at the end of the flood tide looking for Bonito and didn’t see a bird.  Headed back west and for the rest of the day caught Bluefish after Bluefish.  No matter where we fished under birds we continued to find 3-4 lb bluefish. We were in fish virtually all the rest of the day and left loads of Bluefish multiple times looking for Stripers and Bonito. Finally ended the day in a huge ebb tide rip and were still struggling to get the Striper we’d been looking for all day.  Finally thought we had the fish when young Robert hooked up only to end up with a big Bluefish. Ugh…,.nice catch and a good picture but not the Striper we were looking for. Running out of daylight and with only a few casts left Bobby hooked up on the flybrod with me crossing my fingers that we’d finally gotten our Striper. Sure enough our prayers were answered with NO daylight left or time to get the boys to the train in time for their ride back to Philadelphia. Besides countless Bluefish we saw some pretty interesting events.  One was a +- 6’, with the tail, Thresher Shark ‘in the sound’ eating Bonito like pretzels. This is the second time I’ve seen them in the sound.  There was blood everywhere in the water as this big boy chased and caught these schooling Bonito. Second was Bobby and I witnessed the biggest bluefish we’ve ever seen inhale his dangling jig, line and all, right off the stern of the boat.  The Thresher and the big Bluefish events only lasted a few minutes but both were really memorable.  Can’t wait to fish this father and son duo again. Great fishermen both and really stand up guys to boot.

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