What a Day!

Fished a young couple, Katarina & Rob, today.  They were visiting from Philadelphia and wanted to give CT saltwater a try while on their vacation.   Luckily it was flat calm today because as it turned out Katarina was 4 1/2 months pregnant.    Both she and Rob have some fishing experience and we were able to get in fish quickly today.  We fished light tackle spinning, 15 lb test and surface baits all day.  Katarina caught maybe 15 nice bluefish and Rob maybe not so many. Their were so many bluefish that it was difficult getting the lures to the Stripers because the speedy bluefish would get to the lure first.  Finally towards the end of their trip both were lucky to boat a couple nice Stripers.  Ended the day with 20 plus bluefish, a half dozen Stripers and a bunch of Godzilla sized scup.  Pictures coming soon. Looking forward to fishing these two again once the new baby is born.

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