They’re Back!!!!!!!

Fished Tyler from Colchester CT today.  He’s a good fisherman and he really pounded the bluefish today. He caught fish after fish virtually all day long. Guessing 50 plus fish.  And he caught all those while we were really on the hunt for his first false Albacore.  We only had 1.5 hours of daylight  left but my sense was today would be the day for the years first Albies.  Sure enough we ended the day at one of my eastern sound spots and BANG!!!! First Albie for Tyler and the first  caught  this year.  He continued on and caught a total of four really nice Albies all of which were  above average In size.  I’m pretty good at diagnosing and I’m certain Tyler has a serious case of Albie Fever now.  Great guy….can’t wait to fish him again and I’m personally so  happy the Albies are here and that we were able to get Tyler’s first!!!!!!!!!


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