Not so Hot to WOW!

Fished spinning gear with Ken from CT today.  We only had a half day so I was anxious to get Ken on fish quickly.   We hunted for 45 minutes and struggled to find any fish.  Finally found a pile of birds on a western rip.  Picked our way through some nice bluefish.  Headed to Plum Gut and wouldn’t you know we found a pod of Albies. I’ve not seen them in August before without going to Montauk.  Sure enough though that one pod was there tearing up bay anchovies with abandon. We had several good shots at them but couldn’t get them to eat.  Finally lost them and ended the day on some big bluefish band nice strippers.   Day started pretty slow but really finished with a bang!   Can’t wait for tomorrow and Sunday.  I’m confirmed with a bad case of Albie Fever.  All our fish today were caught on light tackle, 15 lb test, with various 1 oz shinny objects.  All our fish (bar a couple) were  caught under birds.  Fishing Ken again in October when we’ll be chasing Albies. Can’t wait to see him again when we’ll be blasting those speedsters

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