Lots of Variety

Fished a really nice father and son team from West Hartford.  Fishing was NOT good but we made the best of a gorgeous day.  We ran 30 miles from spot to and never found any fish on the surface.  Not to be deterred we resorted  to tiny jigs on the bottom resulting in a variety of nice fish to eat.  Even though this type of fishing isn’t my thing, as it turns out, it is 10 year old Fin’s thing.  He caught a bunch of nice Porgies, a Blackfish, a couple Black Sea Bass, a mackerel and worlds biggest Sea Robin.  This Sea Robin fought like a big Striper and actually surprised us when it got to the boat. This orange croaker had to weigh 10lbs. I actually didn’t know they grew to that size. Anyway, bragging about Sea Robins tells you how bad the fishing  was but…we still made a nice day out of it.  Have to say that young Fin is a really good fisherman. Cast’s like pro and knows his way around a boat too.  Can’t wait to fish this team on Albies in the fall.

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