Lots of Bird. More Fish!

Wow!!  What a day!  Fished Gary, Tim and Peter from CT.  The idea was to catch some  fish  for dinner (fast) and then get on with chasing Stripers and Bluefish with light tackle. First order of business was to get some fish to eat.  Hit two spots looking for small bluefish, Black Sea bass and big Porgies. Didn’t take long and we had a cooler full for their dinner. Then it was off to chase some birds for Stripers and bigger Bluefish.  The game plan worked out and no sooner did we get to the tide rip then a bunch of birds showed on a school of nice Stripers.  First cast to the Stripers was a jackpot. From there we chased birds from spot to spot and hooked a couple dozen more bluefish. We only had a half day so it was seemingly over before it started but Wow!!!!!! What a great day.  Beautiful weather, really nice fisherman and boat loads of fish.  Hope this gang comes back again soon. BTW every fish caught today on 1oz diamond jugs with a speedy retrieve or the same jigs bouncing on the bottom for the dinner fish.




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