Fished all day with Kevin and his pals from the Danbury area. They were all getting together to celebrated Kevin’s birthday. Kevin is an experienced fisherman and he proved it with a nice Striper caught at our first spot, but after that we struggled to put fish in the boat.  We spent the day running spot to spot and were able to pick away at fish in each spot but, boy, did we have to work to catch them.   Ran every spot from New London Harbor to Plum Gut to Watch Hill  and ended up with a decent trip but, to be honest, fishing wasn’t very good. Maybe the hardest grind for fish in a couple years. Crazy enough only 2 days earlier we landed fish after fish with a group that hadn’t fished before!   What a difference a day makes!   Anyway, ended Kevin’s trip with a half dozen nice bluefish, one Striper, a bunch of sea bass and a passel of big porgies. Happy Birthday Kevin!!!


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