What a Day!

Fished with a mother/daughter team, Darlene and Gabby from MA and had a great day even with the wind blowing 30mph.  We were stuck with only being able to fish a couple spots, because of the wind,  but the ladies had driven 3 hours for the trip so off we went to fish. First cast (after a warm up cast) Gabby caught their first of 50 nice Bluefish for the day. But here’s the thriller. We found a batch of giant sized Stripers. I’ve caught and landed 50 lbs fish and the two Gabby hooked made 50lb-ers look like teenagers on prom diets.  These fish were the biggest fish I’ve ever seen and I’ve been fishing Stripers for 30 years.  We didn’t land either but we had some good fun fighting them on 15lb test.  Have a good video of Gabby on one of them which I’ll post soon.  Anyway, two great fisherwomen, one windy day but a boat load of great fun and memories.  Won’t be long and the three of us will be back at it again too!

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