North Carolina False Albacore (NOT)

Made the traditional treck to North Carolina for fall False Albacore season.  The area was hit hard by Hurricane Florence so we weren’t sure what to expect.  Generally speaking the water was dirty, the weather was crummy and the fishing was NOT good. In the 6 years I’ve been making the pilgrimage to NC for it’s epic False Albacore bite this is the first year with poor fishing.  All I can surmise is that the horific hurricane messed up the Albies Mojo.  We fished hard for a week and a half, with excellent fishermen and women, and only found fish one day.  Even then we only had a few fish on baitballs but luckily were able to hook perhaps a dozen.  Fingers crossed everybody……we’ll blast them next year.   Sepertaly, keep the people in that part of NC in your prayers.  Everyone there was impacted in one way or the other by Hurricane Florence. Flooding and roof damage on nearly every house with thousand of people displaced, many loosing everything.   Rebuilding efforts in Beaufort, Harkers Island  and Morehead City will take time to be sure.

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