Lots of False Albacore with Lock Jaw!!!

I fished with father, John, and 11-year-old son, Jack, from Fairfield, CT yesterday.  Both good fisherman and really nice fellows.  It started out 39 degrees and cold but, nice and mild weather for fishing, so we headed to Plum Gut for the flood tide.  We were looking for Albies for John since Jack had already caught an Albie last year.  We found lots and lots  of Albies at Plum Gut but the fish were sipping baby crabs and they just wouldn’t eat.  Finally, Jack got one to take on a pink Albie Snack.  Fished the Gut for a couple hours then ran to the north side of Plum Island and found more fish there that were finicky.  Next, we headed off to Race Rock and found a fish for John in 150 ft of water that was a real fighter.   This guy went deep on John several times before getting to the boat.  We had a thousand casts right into swarms of False Albacore most of the day and tried swim baits, Albie Snax, diamond jigs, flies behind jigs and just couldn’t get these guys to take.   Anyway, lots of fun, a couple of nice False Albacore……one each for father and son  and some good memories.  We pounded our way home in 25mph wind.  Ducked in behind a beach and caught Porgies, Sea Robins and Black Sea Bass for an extra hour before it was getting dark.  Next trip for this duo has to be August with 80 degrees and no wind.  We’ll get ’em again next year.

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