Loads of Big Albies!!

Today I fished with a really nice father/son team Don and Jeremy from update NY.  Both good fishermen and both experienced boaters.  We ran maybe 60 miles and found Albies in virtually every spot we fished.  It was windy so I give them both credit for sticking with it all day.  There were fish on the tide from Plum Gut to Race Rock to Millstone to Pine Island, and the False Albacore were BIG today.   All the fish were way over average.  All of the fish were caught with a fast retrieve and on 1oz. diamond jigs with 15lb leaders.  Both Don and Jeremy caught plenty.  All in all we boated maybe 2 dozen fish.    Even with the wind the day turned out gorgeous.  Importantly a great time was had by all.  Looking forward to fishing Don and Jeremy again next year.


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