Albie on the Fly!

I fished two really nice ministers in town for a retreat in Niantic.  Both were good fishermen – one on spinning gear and one with the fly rod.  We only had 4 hours and were in between tides so the pressure was on.  We found Albies at Plum Gut at the very end of the ebb tide and finally got one False Albacore to eat Pastor Steve’s fly.  After 20 minutes on a 9 wt rod finally Steve got him to the boat.   Whew!  One down. With the tide over at Plum Gut we ran all the way to Watch Hill.  Too early on the flood there but we did find a few pods of False Albacore.  All in all a really gorgeous day with two really stellar guys. Good time had by all and the first Albie on a fly was caught by Steve.


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