False Albacore Heaven!

Today I fished Carl and Greg, two experienced fishermen from the Hartford area.  We planned to fish a full day and mix it up between the fly rod and the spinning gear. Over the weekend there was some trouble getting the Albies to eat, but not today.  Today if you stuck a diamond jig or a fly in front of the fish, It was game on.  Between Carl and Greg they shared their way to roughly 35 Albies, with six doubles including four of them on the fly and spinning rod.  Greg had a big Albie on the fly at Plum Gut.  The drag set a little too tight and he had his 9wt snaped in half.  We were able to line the brut in and get the front 3/4 of the rod back!   All this in a 20mph southwest wind virtually all day long.  Lastly, Carl caught an Albie today that was North Carolina BIG.  It beat me to death when I tailed him and was so big that I couldn’t get my hand around him.  Not often we get Albies here over 10 lbs but this one was a low teens pig.  We came home wet and tired but a really GOOD kind of worn out.  More updates soon.



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