Lots of Fish To Go Along With Lots of Wind.

I fished 3 really great guys from southern CT today.  The trip was set up for them by the lead fellow Steve’s girlfriend as a birthday gift for him.  All were experienced fishermen and one was outstanding with a rod.  We left the dock around 11am with moderate wind but not enough to slow us down.  We found fish immediately with everyone catching plenty of small Bluefish and decent sized Stripers.  Most of the fish were caught on 5” swim baits.  We were surrounded by an army of hungry medium/small Bluefish on the north side of Plum Island when the wind really picked up.  Of course we had to get back to New London once the wind started blowing and all of us got soaked on the ride home. High wind and a big chop made for a miserable ride back but also made for some good stories to tell.  All in all a good, but not great, day because of the high winds.  This whole gang is going to try again in a coupe weeks but only if/when we have blue skies and nO wind. By the way, lots of Bonito around near Watch Hill.  False Albacore showing on Long Island’s South shore.  So I expect our crazy False Albacore pals to be here at any moment.  Let’s go fishing!!

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