First Albies of the Year are Here!!

I fished a really fun group today – Joe, Ronnie, and Jess.  Joe put together the trip last year for Ronnie and Jess’ wedding gift and today was the first chance they could all get together to go.  What a nice gift to give the newlyweds.  We had gorgeous weather, however, fishing started slow at the end of the flood tide.  It was scary slow so we resorted to catching some sea bass and porgies on the slack tide.  As soon as the ebb started we ran to Plum Gut and found the first Albies of the year blowing up on bait just as the tide started.  We had our chance and then they were gone as fast as they showed up – typical for first of the year fish.   BUT with the scouts showing today the army won’t be far behind.  So exciting to have those crazy Albies back.  Anyway, the tide finally turned full tilt and we were rewarded with lots of jumbo Bluefish.  Jess lost one right at the boat that had to be in the high teens maybe even 20lbs. but we caught plenty more before the sun set and we had to leave fish that, by then, were practically jumping in the boat.  In the end lots of big Bluefish caught along with some good stories about Jess’ big Gator Bluefish that got away.  Couldn’t be more excited about the False Albacore finally showing.

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