Two in a Row!!!! Stripers and Bluefish Galore!!!!!

On Sunday I fished with a really nice family from Farmington, CT.  Mom and dad were mostly along for the ride, but the 15-year-old son and his pal were excellent light tackle fishermen. Both could cast a mile in any direction and neither had any give in them when chasing fish.  It turned out to be an excellent day to fish them too.  We fished both tides and found fish everywhere on every reef.  We even found fish on bait in the middle of nowhere in 200’ of water!  Most of the day we fished by ourselves without another boat in sight.  Bluefish and Stripers were all caught on 14lb test with 1 oz diamond jigs or 1 oz swimbaits.  The two boys probably hooked 75 fish (maybe more) and some of the Bluefish were gator size at 15lbs plus and one of the Stripers at 30”.  All the fish they caught were released to fight another day.  We had a crazy moment during slack tide when a big Porgy was caught in 70’ of water behind Race Rock Light House on a diamond jig.  Just before the Porgy got to the boat, a giant Striper clobbered the Porgy spewing Porgy scales all over the water column. The Porgy was stunned but uneaten and unbelievably the big cow Striper didn’t get hooked.  It was a thrill to see a Porgy the size of a dinner plate get wacked by the big Cow Striper.  Anyway, gorgeous weather, calm seas, loads of fish and two really good fishermen made for a heck of a day.  P.S.  We decided because the action was so good to not go to Watch Hill, but it turns out the lighthouse is loaded with Bonito.  Besides that being so much fun it also means our False Albacore pals should be here any day. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to be catching them in the next week.  So crazytown fishing should be starting any time now.

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