2 Fabulous Half Days!!

Fished two half days yesterday, and to be honest, fishing was tough.  Morning ebb tide I fished with Mike and son Josh.  Got to our rip in record time with great weather and calm seas. First cast Josh landed a nice Striper. After that we struggled for an hour. Since we didn’t have any birds we started looking for fish on the bottom.  We landed a bunch of Black Sea Bass and TauTaug but never did get our Stripers. I ran to another rip and finally got into some really big Bluefish and we were lucky to get one to the boat. Anyway, even though we only got two of our target species we were able to get a bunch of fish and have a really nice time.


Second trip was grandfather Mike, 9-year-old Tommy, and dad Kevin. Same start where we couldn’t find any fish or birds on top so we persisted and again landed a bunch Seabass, Porgies, Blackfish. We continued our search and spent the rest of the afternoon chasing the world’s biggest Bluefish, all on top chasing two huge baitballs. Note: these fish had a huge shark in with them eating these jumbo Bluefish like hot dogs.  Don’t know what kind of shark but it was really big,in the 10’ range.  Anyway, we caught a bunch and were able to get 6 of these big brutes to the boat, all on 15 lb test and light spinning rods and only one broken rod. To give you a sense the world record Bluefish is just over 31lbs and all of these fish were over 25lbs.   I’ve never caught Bluefish as big as these. Since we were all catch and release I was trying to land these with a boca grip and I had to get the boca in the corner of their mouth because it wouldn’t go over the rest of their mouth.  Turned out to be a fantastic trip.  Great double-half day an I hope to see both these families in the fall when we can chase some False Albacore.    They should be here first or second week of September.

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