Giant Bluefish and Loads of Stripers for Fishing Novices

I fished a really nice couple from Philly yesterday.  They didn’t have much (if any) fishing experience but that didn’t hurt the fishcount.  We fished a rip line on the incoming tide first thing in the morning and had a Striper on the first cast.  After getting that fish in the boat we practiced casting and retrieving a little.  The practice really worked as the couple landed over a dozen Stripers in an hours or so.  One of the last Stripers was a really nice fish but after some pictures we sent her back swimming to make some babies for future seasons.  Once that bite slowed down we were off to the next rip.  No birds but Daniel got a surprise Striper at spot two anyway.  We ended the trip in yet another rip line with 3 jumbo Bluefish hooked.  These big boys were all big gator-size Bluefish and we were only able to get one in the boat with two shaking the hook right at the boat.  Great time was had by all, and, yesterday’s experience proves, you don’t need to be a pro fisherman to catch a bunch of fish and have a great time on the water.  Hope to fish this couple again soon.

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