More big False Albacore!

Today started slow. Looked for fish for a couple hours and couldnt find anything. I was sure there were fish just not sure where. I looked at the right tide in the morning at Beaufort inlet and nothing. Ran to the Hook still nothing. What the heck?  So I decided to head west which I had done a couple weeks ago with friends and clients from Massachusetts. Soon a I was out of my neighborhood and 15-20 miles west of Beaufort Inlet all Hell broke loose. False albacore to the horizon and back and all busting bait balls with abandon. After we caught several I stopped to take a quick video for my Massachusetts pals since I was in the same area I had fished them 2 weeks earlier when we were having trouble finding fish then too. From then on it was fish city the rest of the day. And like it’s been the last 10 days or so almost all of the Albies  are BIG!   I’m fishing regulars from New Jersey tomorrow and planning on heading West right away. Likely end up East the way things have been going. But the run is well worth it once the fish are found. Lost track of how many were caught today but more than enough to wear my guy out.

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