False Albacore Blasting Bait Balls & Lots of Big Fish!!!

Weather today started our clear, cold and windy. Ended up clear, light wind and 60 degrees…..a beautiful day for fishing. Found birds on bait balls right away and it didn’t take long to get in to fish. The fish today stayed under their baitball/s all day and would occasionally work over the bait ball; tearing through it with abandon for several minutes then go down for a while. I quit following birds and just hung out by a few bait balls and we got all the fish we could handle. Today was a spinning rod fellow and he was spooled on more than one fish. Water temp is on the rise. Was in the 63-64 degree range today and the Albies are happy.  Fish jumping in all directions at the end of the ebb. Catching these speedsters never gets boring and I love watching them peel drag on a first time fisherman.   By the end of the day we were beat. Lots of pulling for one day and very exciting chasing these fish on their bait balls.

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