Gorgeous Weather!

Tyoically when I’m taking about the weather or beautiful scenery in my fishing report headline it’s a prelude to the actual fishing. That was the case yesterday. Fished one Angler on spinning gear. We ran for miles and found few fish. At least the fish we found would eat.   We came on several pods throughout the day that we could cast to. All of those fish ate the jig immediately but we’ve been spoiled by dozens of fish per day, per Angler.  Yesterday we worked hard for half a dozen. Weather was perfect…..75 degrees and no wind at all.  Had to run way past the hook to get on to fish and then, at the end of yesterday evenings tide, we found fish at the channel leading out of Beaufort  inlet.  Of the half dozen we caught one was a monster in the 15 lb range so that took some of the sting out of a below average day. Wind is blowing 15-20 today so I’m fishing tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we get back to some more non stop action quickly.

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