Unbelievable How Many Albies are off Harkers Island and Cape Lookout !!!!!

Fished an expert fiaherman today from Connecticut. Left a little late at around 9:30. Found scattered fish just outside in the channel and caught a couple right away.  Got in behind a shrimp trawler that didn’t have any birds working it. Had low expectations but to our suprize the boat was loaded with fish.  Stayed with the trawler until 2:30 and caught 25 including two that were giant sized (even for Harkers Island) fish.  Don’t have a scale but the two big boys were +  – 3 feet long!!!!! Those are giant Albies. Real Buffalo. I’ve included below a video I shot for a pal of mine in Massachusetts. The video will give you an idea of just how crazy good the False Albacore Fishing is here in North Carolina.   I have some days open this month so call, text or email me and let’s go fishing. Also the weather has been stunningly beautiful. Today was windless and 75 degrees.

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