Back to Epic !!!

My last report had us working hard for half a dozen fish. Today was completely different. False Albacore everywhere! Both tides had fish….open water had fish…shrimp trawlers had fish….inlets and bays all had fish. My charter from Louisiana caught four nice Albies in his first 5 casts and it never slowed down from there. False Albacore were again above average size and blasting everything we threw at them.  Seems this year that the farther east we would go the bigger the fish would get. Maybe just my imagination but seemingly the fish at Cape Lookout and beyond are much larger than their eastern pals down near Beaufort Inlet. Virtually all the big Toads we’ve had this year have been out at the Hook and beyond. Taking tomorrow off but I’ll have another report Tuesday. Fingers crossed the fish stay put.

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