Lots and Lots of Albies!

Day 2 at Harker’s Island. Fished a regular from CT today. Started late and finished early simply because he couldn’t reel any more fish in. Hooked maybe 75 fish and caught maybe 25-30. All these fish today were big boys in the 10 lb . plus range.  Both of us were completely spent by 3 o’clock. Most fish today were caught behind shrimp trawlers and most ate 1/4 oz jig heads with a paddle tail swim baits. Only had 3 or 4 get eaten by sharks so we were lucky in that respect. Also caught fish on diamond jigs (chrome and pink), Albie Snacks in white and pink.  Truth is if the bare hook was shiny enough I’m sure they would have eaten it today. I also practiced trying to catch Albies on 2lb test readying myself for some folks trying to set the 2 lb women’s record when they are here in mid November. Hmmm… hard as I tried I didn’t even get close and I had plenty of chances. We will have to hope we find a slow and fat fish if we are going to even have a chance. But I have to say it was fun trying today and since my angler was beat up from so much catching I had plenty of chances today. Weather was 75 degrees and overcast with a pretty good swell and chop but not bad enough to get us wet. Not fishing tomorrow as it’s suppose to rain with gusts to 45 so fishing is out. I’ll be back at it next week though so keep your eye out for more reports from down here. Having trouble posting images on the Fishing report  but i’ll get them up soon.  I have days open between now and Dec 1 so call, text or email to set up your date/s. You’ll have a blast if the fishing stays like it’s been the last couple days.