First Day / Great Day at Harker’s Island.

Just got to North Carolina. Fished today with Sean from Windsor Locks CT. Sean caught his first Albie today and fish number one was a toad. 16 lbs of pure muscle. Once he got the hang of it we tore the fish up today. Fished open water and behind some shrimp boats. Hooked maybe 60 fish and caught maybe 25.  All the fish were big…in the 10-16 lb range. Weather today was gorgeous. No wind and 72 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Even with that beautiful weather the fish were as turned on as they could be. Fish behind the shrimp boat were hampered by lots of big aggressive shark. The sharks probably got a half dozen of our fish but I suppose the sharks have to eat too. Anyway, so happy to be in NC….chasing and catching these fabulous fish. I have some days open so let’s go fishing. They are eating flies and spinning rod jigs both very aggressively. No problem today getting all we could handle.



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