Beautiful Day for Albies!!

So here we are in late October and we still have boat loads of Albies and gorgeous weather. Today we fished both tides. Had a nice father, Jay, and junior in high school son, Cal.  Both were good fishermen and could cast a mile. We started off early in the fog and that put a damper on the first half hour. Once we could run we took off to a rip near Plum Gut. I was certain we’d find fish there and was disappointed to not find the fish that were there on the same tide yesterday.  I figured they had to be close by so we motored to open water and sure enough our fish were there. Didn’t take Cal long once we got in the fish…… within a few casts, BANG, fish on!!!  Once dad Jay experienced Cal’s first Albie it was only another several cast before he was on too. Those open water fish were tough to keep up with and find so after those two fish we were back to the rips again. Both got two more Albies there and before the tide ran out we were in a full blown Albie blitz…..acres of Albies in all directions. Wouldn’t you know though that none of the blitzing fish would eat. From there we were off to Watch Hill where we only found a few stragglers. Anyway , plenty of False Albacore, Lots of late season sunshine and a good day all around. That’s it for me here at home for this year. Pulled the boat and am off for 5 weeks of Albie fishing at Harker’s Island, North Carolina. Albie fishing there can be absolutely epic with many fish at or over 20 lbs and many days each season with 20 fish per angler per day.  If you’ve never been or even if you have join me as I have a few days available still. I’ll be there from this weekend until about December 1st. Great year in CT for fishing and today was a fitting end of the season for me….fishing with two nice guys and leaving acres of Albies to be had next year.

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