Great Family, Lots of Albies, Squid, Porgies, SeaBass and a 500 lb Sunfish!

Today I fished a really nice family and their friend from Newtown, CT.  Dad Fred , kids Wyatt and Tucker, and Tucker’s pal Max.  Wyatt is in his early twenties and starting a new job in NYC tomorrow, Tucker and Max are sophomores in Newton’s high school.   All were anxious to catch their first Albie so we were on a mission to do so.  We made a quick stop near the dock to practice some casting, and all were quick studies and in short order we were on our way.  We ran to some rips in eastern Long Island Sound and it wasn’t long before Wyatt (the oldest son and a good fisherman) was on his first Albie and it turned out to be a toad.  Really big fish for our area.  That fish gave everyone a dose of Albie fever and so we had a little trouble with nerves getting number two.  Shortly after Max hooked up and his fish ran us around the boat a couple of times.  Got that fish right to the boat and (my bad) lost the fish.  I had the leader in hand so the fish was caught but we didn’t have a picture of Max with the fish so it sort of only half counted. Soon Tucker was on an Albie and 15 minutes later that fish was landed.  Wyatt got another as did Tucker but we’d yet to land ( and get a picture) of Max’s fish. We messed around in eastern Long Island catching Porgies and SeaBass but still didn’t have our ‘picture fish albie’ for Max. So….off to Montauk. Just after we got to Montauk Max hooked up and landed his fish and we fianlly got the picture. Whew!!!  Anyway, Montauk was loaded with lock-jaw Albies. We threw a thousand casts and didn’t get another there but did more Porgies and SeaBass.  While scouting for Albies we came on to a huge  ( Maybe 4-500 lb sunfish) while not a gamefish it was very cool to see such a big fish lounging just outside of Lake Montauk.   Still looking for Albies we also caught squid  and while not that unusual it did add to the species total. Anyway , gorgeous day, really nice father, kids and friend and an uber memorable day. Can’t wait to fish this gang again and with some experience under their belts we’ll really blast ‘em next time.

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  1. For anyone interested in having a Captain that TRULY focuses on the customer…Capt. Peter is the person. He made my kids and their friend feel like they had the day of their life. For the parents out there you know how important this is. Thanks Capt Peter for an amazing day. No doubt we’ll be back in the spring.

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